Archivio TRADERE

to safeguard the know-how of Travertine stone workers
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The Project TRADERE


The project TRADERE is conceived and managed by SAT association on behalf of the Municipality of Rapolano Terme in Siena (Italy) to safeguard the know-how of Travertine stone workers

Travertine quarries and stonework processing techniques are well-known in Rapolano Terme since Etruscan inhabitants. Since the fifties the marketplace demands have slowly forced the replacement of the hand-crafted production with the industrial manufacture.

TRADERE plans to guarantee the transmission of the stone workers traditional knowledge and skills to the future generations starting from the establishment of a dedicated Archive with the mission of:

  • collecting historic audiovisual materials (already over 3000 pictures and some films)
  • carrying out reviews of the production processing and quarry status quo with filming and photographing initiatives as evidence for the future
  • recording video-interviews with the old stone workers (about 60 hours already completed)
  • conducting census on the artifacts by local stonecutters using local stone and advising on their preservation
  • carrying out census of the survived old machineries
  • advising on their preservation
  • advising the institutions on the establishment of a Museum of all the artifacts and machineries resulting from the census

The project TRADERE
- was presented to the public in 2009 with a conference and the debut of the first DVD production (Parole di pietra)
- A DVD about the Stonecutters school was presented in 2010
- A conference in 2011 was promoted to present the last DVD production "Cave in lotta!" a video on the Rapolano Terme quarries working class struggle
- In 2012 the book 'di Terra e di Pietra' has been published.