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to safeguard the know-how of Travertine stone workers
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Welcome to the internet Archive of TRADERE Project.
The TRADERE project was conceived for the saveguarding of knowledge on the working of the quarries of travertine in Rapolano Terme, in the province of Siena.
The Internet Archive provides the ability to view only the photographs, in its entirety, of the audiovisual collection which also includes historical footage and video as well as interviews with workers, artists and entrepreneurs of Rapolano travertine.

The research is still in place, in particular for mapping artifacts in Rapolano travertine in the territory. It is therefore expected an increase of photographic material relating to the art-works and historical and contemporary buildings as well as documentation of the current state of the quarries and yards sites.

The Photographic Archive contains the digitized material collected from individuals and institutions that keep the originals and their reproduction rights. The photographs were scanned and cataloged, and each is equipped with its own detailed caption.

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our database of 3215 records

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