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Roggi, Andrea
Andrea Roggi, talented sculptor, painter and poet, has demonstrated a firm belief in the beauty and transcendence of the human soul via a personal spiritual philosophy communicated through artistic endeavour. Born in Castiglion Fiorentino in 1962, his interest in painting began at the tender age of fifteen but the transition to his current status as a great Sculptor was a gradual but inevitable progression. Andrea’s creative work can best be defined as a continuous research of the essence of the human spirit, in which he aims to explore life’s difficulties which are counter balanced by acts of liberation, hope and the Divine love that resonates throughout nature and mankind. In 1991 he founded an artistic workshop in which he began his exploration of sculpture through the media of bronze, stone and precious metals. In 2001 Andrea began his continuing collaboration with students from the University of Georgia who are based in nearby Cortona and who attend sculpture workshops at the Creativity Park in which they are welcome to exhibit their work. Andrea’s journey within the world of art began in 2002 when the ‘Parco della Creatività’ (Creativity Park) was born. It was an initiative that would prove to be the catalyst for the creation of a place in which local artists could meet to exchange ideas and exhibit. Particular focus is given to Andrea’s sculptures worked in bronze, stone, marble, iron and precious metals, which are to be found in many locations of outstanding beauty within Tuscany.

Photographs related to the production of the artist: Roggi, Andrea
Archivio Tradere
Year: 2012
Country: Italia

Country: Italia