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Bigi, Rinaldo
Rinaldo Bigi was born in 1942 in Pietrasanta. After attending the local art school passes the Academy of Fine Arts in Carrara under the guidance of the sculptors U. Guidi and A. Biggi and I graduated in 1964. He has taught in art schools of Carrara and Lucca, and since 1983 he holds the Chair of Techniques of Sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Carrara. In 1970 he held his first solo show at Marisa del Re Gallery, New York appealing to the public and the critics. The numerous solo and group exhibitions in Italy and abroad confirm the instant and the success of his sculpture. Are also reported its largest urban sculpture in which the continuous narrative orchestra expertly surreality that is proper.

Photographs related to the production of the artist: Bigi, Rinaldo
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Country: Italia
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Country: Italia